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Kids Party Photo Shoot Studio Nottingham

We have 2 packages for kids available for you to select from:

CLICK HERE for kids birthdays / halloween parties for under 13. (Kids 3 to 13 year old)
CLICK HERE for Teenage dream-over 13s birthday / halloween / prom parties

kid's birthdays/halloween parties for under 13 ( Kids 3 to 13 year old)

adult portratiture pictures taken in our studioTreat your little ones to a special day and get it captured forever in pictures! Bouncy castle, slides, pinball machine to name a few will keep your little ones occupied for hours. With a buffet, selection of drinks, cake, balloons, banners and music to keep that party atmosphere going. And with such a variety of sets adopted to that 'child friendly feel' where necessary we are sure your kids will have a great time while we get busy capturing those special moments!

Prices are 40/child for a party of 10 and over
45/child for less then 10 children attending.

The price includes up to 4 hours party time at the studio, buffet, drinks, cake, each child getting 1 print A4 size or an image on a CD and the birthday boy/or girl gets 2, plus, each one gets a group shot as well on top of it,picked by a birthday boy/girl. If you'd like to have more pictures ,there is a charge of 15 for each additional shot .All the pictures are slightly airbrushed if necessary as we know, kids will be kids and cuts ,bruises, scratches and spots are a common occurrence and can spoil even the best shot, so we just take them out unless you prefer otherwise!

Finally, they get those pictures on a CD as well, so you can make extra prints yourself. Parents are VERY welcome, this is a family run business and we encourage parents to participate. Face painting can be provide too if required. Any other requests, please email us and we'll do our best to provide what you are looking for.

'Teenage dream' - over 13s birthday / halloween / prom parties

adult portratiture pictures taken in our studioMost girls of that age are model wannabes, so we realize the dream and give them a party to remember and teach them how to be a model for a day.

For halloween parties make up is available for that "spooky effect"!

If your girl is approaching her prom date and you've got that special dress already waiting for that occasion, why not make it even more memorable and capture it on film. Starting with some outdoor shots of her getting out of maroon colour jaguar XK with cream leather uphostery and uniformed chauffeur to open the door for her (weather permitting, of course!), and then carrying on in the studio for those unforgettable shots.

Solo girl - 250 for just one girl attending, includes half a day photoshoot time at the studio (4 hours), 10 pictures lightly airbrushed if needed (we know those teenage spots tend to appear just when you don't want them to!) and 7 out of them printed A4 size, all of them are given to you on a CD as well in full size and also in email size for convenience.

Group of girls under 10 in total - 45/person (minimum charge: £250) which includes up to 4 hours party time at the studio, buffet and drinks, cake, each girl getting 1 print A4 size or on a CD and each one gets a group shot as well.

Group of 10 girls or more - 40/person which includes all the above. Parents and chaperones are welcome, we are sure you'll enjoy it just as much!

Make up artist is available at an additional £80

If you'd like to have more pictures, there is a charge of £15 for each additional shot. All the pictures are slightly airbrushed if necessary. Plus they get those pictures on a CD as well, so you can make extra prints yourself.

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Studio In Focus

Having been part of an old mill, the studio benefits with a quiet, off main road location while being within close proximity of banks, shops, hotels and numerous other amenities.

Based in Nottingham close to the M1 this makes it ideal for professionals and serious amateurs alike, so please contact us for more details.


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